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Smart Ass Board Game

smart ass board gameWe have a cupboard full of board games, way too many if I am honest. I don’t know how we managed to accumulate so many really. Simple things like Qwirkle are firm favorites, and the Smart Ass board game is another firm family favorite too.

The Smart Ass game is perfect for either adults only, or family fun, and is pretty fast paced. And this is what appeals to us all, sometimes you just want to have fun and play for half an hour or so, and the cheap Smart Ass board game is absolutely perfect for this.

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How To Play Smart Ass

The rules are pretty simple actually. You may need to tone it down a little for the very young, or at least give them a little bit of a helping hand. At its simplest this is a trivia game with 490 questions. Don’t worry there are extra packs for more questions that you can buy if need be.

We set up the board with each player picking a character. Then a card is chosen from the 4 categories, who, what, where, am I? Each card has 10 clues on it which are read out in turn. The idea being to guess correctly from the clues given, and move on around the board.

Holding Your Tongue

This is at the heart of the game, and why it is so much fun.

Once the clues are read out in turn you are going to be dying to yell out an answer. But it must be right. If you get it wrong then you are out of the round. So you have to try not to blurt out what you THINK is right, only to find you were on totally the wrong track altogether. The clues are very vague to start with, but the temptation is still there to try to guess, it really is tough not to at least try to win early on.

It is a lot easier said than done, believe me. I have lost many a game 😉

Is Smart Ass For Kids?

In all honesty this does make an excellent game for adults. And I would be a liar if I didn’t say that with a few glasses of wine it does get kind of hysterical.

But it is perfectly suitable for the children, and we actually play it with ours, who are very young. It is just best to have the adults helping out the children. We like to work in teams so that the adults can maybe whisper an extra clue into the ear of the child. If they think they know the answer that is.

I have often got it totally wrong, only to get a very disapproving look from my Daughter.

But it is great family fun, and we can always bend the rules a little if we want to.

Fast Paced

The main thing about the Smart Ass game for sale very cheaply via my link above is that no-one will get bored. The questions are rapid, everyone is trying either not to laugh or blurt out the wrong answer, and games are usually done in 30 minutes or a lot less.

Any bad Points?

To be honest there are no bad things to say about this game really. For a board game that holds everyone’s interest I have yet to find anything better. And for entertainment value it is about as good as it gets. And don’t forget that this is also an educational game too. Everyone will learn something by playing this game. Even if it is jsut to keep your mouth shut on occasion! If I was being picky then I would say it would be great if you had more questions with the game, but the price of a pack of new ones is minimal so it is a minor issue really.